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Hey John, So in order to launch to the new domain here are some things you will need to do. Social Login Go to google developer console, click on the app for the site in the header, click on credentials in the side tab, then you will see your oauth2.0 client ids, click the pencil icon and add the following domains under authorized redirect uri's http://www.sentrysalvage.com https://www.sentrysalvage.com http://g96.6a0.myftpupload.com http://1nd.f54.myftpupload.com/ Then go to dashboard, and click on the maps javascript api, then click on credentials tab to the right of quotas, click the pencil icon on the api key. Then there are 2 things you need to do. Under application restrictions click HTTP Referrers (web sites) Then add an item for each of the urls above Under API restrictions click restrict key and select, Maps JavaScript API Distance Matrix API Let me know after you make these changes and I will test and see if everything is working on the production site. Lastly can you send a screen shot of what happens when you try to load the site? Thanks, Steven