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About Sentry Salvage

Sentry Salvage – Recovery Solutions for Insurance and Risk Management Services for Risk Managers and Insurance Companies Immediate Stock Removal - Sentry can remove stocks

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Online Assignment

Our services for Insurers and Self-Insureds When a stock loss occurs, be it theft or physical damage, insurers and self-insureds have a need for a

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Immediate response and exceptional recovery!

Established Salvors with the knowledge and skill to handle the most complex loss situations. Accurate reports, recoveries, appraisals. Inventories and appraisals that produce positive results plus prompt return of salvage proceeds.

Financial capability to get the ball rolling on any scale assignment and the proper insurance coverage to support the tasks at hand. Sentry Salvage is committed to providing the insurance industry with the most comprehensive salvage and appraisal service in the U.S.
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