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When a stock loss occurs, be it theft or physical damage, insurers and self-insureds have a need for a professional salvage and appraisal service that provides speed, accuracy and organization to the situation at hand. Sentry's personnel offer their vast expertise in commercial claims to support your every need. We utilize innovative cost control techniques on all losses to minimize your net claim while helping to bring your insured back to business promptly. We also provide inventory for personal lines claims in clear, concise formats that are industry friendly
On Site Consultation
We will meet your adjuster or insured at the loss location and provide immediate answers to the tough questions - Is there salvage value? What is the salvage value? When can you remove the items so we can get back to business? Can you protect my brand? We work closely with adjusters and adjusting teams so all participants are comfortable and informed of the process of the claim.
Inventory Preparation
We can provide a physical inventory of the items claimed. At the time of inventory, our experienced salvage staff also note extent of damage and can then provide a value of the items as well as its resale value. With our service you will receive: 1. an inventory of the items damaged, 2) the current market value of the items (cost, retail, ACV / RCV) and 3) the salvage value or loss in value.
Value Verification
Our salvage representatives provide a full report with the information you need to settle the claim quickly. We provide the a) Retail Value b) the Cost Value c) the ACV (actual cash value or auction value) and d) the net or gross Salvage Value.
Loss and Damage Appraisals
Our expert staff provide this most important of valuations, the loss and damage appraisal. The loss and damage appraisal takes into account the condition of the items post-loss, the current market potential of the stock or equipment item, and summarizes this into a value so the insurance carrier and the insured can negotiate a final settlement with the insured retaining the goods or assets. This valuation is typically advantageous to both parties when there is a long lead time to procure stock or machinery or when there are pending orders that could be lost should the items be salvaged.
Stock Removal & Protection, Temporary Warehousing
Sentry Salvage has ample warehouse house space in the key market areas so that the insurance community has a place to bring damaged goods for further assessment. This allows adjusters and insureds the necessary time to make the important decisions regarding the claim in a hassle free environment. Our warehouses are secure and equipped to host inspections and inventory projects in a comfortable setting. Our fees are also typically below market when compared to other options.
Sale of Distressed Property
Sentry Salvage offers a full range of sales options for the insurance and closeout market. We can host a sealed bid sale or auction offsite or in our warehouse. We can also provide net figures after expenses for salvage or closeout stocks or items. Sentry also provides removal services for salvage projects.
Comprehensive Reporting Practices
Utilizing proven methods, we offer file reports, invoices and accounts of sale in an industry friendly format. We also carry a full line of insurance coverage including general and excess liability, products, workers compensation and professional liability. Certificates are available upon request; just email [email protected].
Domestic and International Salvors
Sentry Salvage represents some of the most well known and respected property insurance companies and self insured corporations in the United States. Aside from domestic business, Sentry Salvage also services the rapidly growing needs of international insurers and multinational corporations. Our experienced staff will respond to the needs of our clients worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Be prepared for the next catastrophe
Rather than scramble to find salvors when you need them the most, contact us now for a recovery consultation. We would be pleased to discuss your business needs and tailor a program for you.
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