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Coats 70X-AH-1 Tire Rim Clamp Excellent Used Condition!

$3 395.00
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Built to Make Changing Low Profiles, Run flats, and other Tough Tires Fast and Easy


Rim Diameter6" - 22" External; 8" - 24" Internal

13-28" External (with optional extender clamps - available for additional cost)
Rim Width14" Maximum
Tire Diameter50" Maximum
Drive SystemAir
Air Source (Air)150 to 175 PSI, 5 HP compressor, 14 to 15 SCFM @ 150 PSI
Storage70X: On Chassis
Bead Loosening70X: Handle Actuated
Chassis Footprint49"W x 48"D x 76"H
Shipping Weight700 lbs.
This item is in excellent used condition and was regularly serviced bit it was removed from service in full working order. It comes a low use environment (not a tireshop) so the wear and tear is minimal. Call 1 855 653 3768 and speak to our product expert JC about this item. The item ships free as a local pickup item (we will help load your truck). If it needs to be palletized the fee is $30. The drive system is air. Compare at $5,400 online (save $2,000 here !!) 855 653 3768
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