+1 (800)-4-SALVOR (472-5867) 24 Hour Service Hotline info@sentrysalvage.com/   

SENTRY SALVAGE UPDATE - As pipe break claims start rolling in, contact us to get a salvage recovery!  We pick up wet / damp / water damaged products and have immediate trucking, labor and removal capabilities.   Don't discard that salvage before calling us at 800 472 5867 or you could be losing money!  send an email with details of the loss to info@sentrysalvage.com    WE CAN HELP !!

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Our services for Insurers and Self-Insureds When a stock loss occurs, be it theft or physical damage, insurers and self-insureds have a need for a professional salvage and appraisal service that provides speed, accuracy and organization to the situation at hand.



24 Hour Service Hotline

Tel.: (800)-4-SALVOR


Home Office: 320 Elizabeth Ave, Newark NJ 07112

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320 Elizabeth Avenue
Newark,  NJ  07112
Telephone:+1 (800)-4-SALVOR (472-5867)
24 Hour Service Hotline