+1 (800)-4-SALVOR (472-5867) 24 Hour Service Hotline info@sentrysalvage.com/   

Hurricane Update 9/27/17 3PM EST:  SENTRY STORM RESPONSE TEAMS IN PUERTO RICO, SOUTH AND CENTRAL FLORIDA  - RISK MANAGERS AND INSURANCE ADJUSTERS - EMAIL info@sentrysalvage.com with your CAT Claims Info (Claim Number, Address, Contact Info) and we will get the ball rolling !  or Call 800 472 5867 to speak to our CAT manager  !!!  

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Our services for Insurers and Self-Insureds When a stock loss occurs, be it theft or physical damage, insurers and self-insureds have a need for a professional salvage and appraisal service that provides speed, accuracy and organization to the situation at hand.



24 Hour Service Hotline

Tel.: (800)-4-SALVOR


Home Office: 320 Elizabeth Ave, Newark NJ 07112

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320 Elizabeth Avenue
Newark,  NJ  07112
Telephone:+1 (800)-4-SALVOR (472-5867)
24 Hour Service Hotline