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SENTRY SALVAGE wishes you a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

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Sentry Salvage, Your Trusted Solutions Partner

Sentry Salvage – Recovery Solutions for Insurance and Risk Management

Services for Risk Managers and Insurance Companies

Immediate Stock Removal - Sentry can remove stocks from retail stores and can store for you inexpensively so you can get your business back up and running

Brand and Label Protection - Sentry will protect your brand by either removing or marking the labels prior to sale.  We also sell into geographically advantageous markets to protect our brand customers.

Physical Inventory - We provide physical inventory services of your stock, furniture, fixtures and equipment and document losses with photos.  Our easy to understand reports are standardized for insurance companies claims departments.

Recovery Services - Sentry provides recoveries for more than just stock.  We can also salvage building materials, capital equipment and scrap metals from distressed buildings to minimize your destruction and rebuild costs.

All Size Projects  - Sentry has been a long standing insurance claim appraisal company with more than 20 years of faithful service to the industry.  We provide recoveries to the insurance market or to the account of the loss for claims as little as $500 up to $200,000,000

Comprehensive Reporting - Sentry provides comprehensive reporting so your loss is documented accurately and fairly.  Most likely we have handled a stock loss like one that you have right now so you can expect immediate answers.

Core Strengths - Physical Inventory, Financial Inventory or Removing the Stock for Better Protection are three of our core strengths. 

Valuations - We work with adjusting teams for large losses and can assist in a variety of ways.  If you need a price (used, ACV, auction, replacement) we can provide that or know someone who can.

So, on your next loss, call Sentry at 800 472 5867 and expect great things!




24 Hour Service Hotline

Tel.: (800)-4-SALVOR


Home Office: 320 Elizabeth Ave, Newark NJ 07112

Contact us

320 Elizabeth Avenue
Newark,  NJ  07112
Telephone:+1 (800)-4-SALVOR (472-5867)
24 Hour Service Hotline